Three Popular Ways A Business Or School Can Use Lanyards

Businesses and schools are always looking for ways to increase their internal organization and exposure without a high cost. Technology can provide a business owner or educator with many options, but most come with a substantial price tag. One of the more affordable items to hit the market is lanyards. Though they are typically associated with event fairs and conferences, they can be used in a variety of ways to help with organization and identification. Here are just three of the most popular ways people are using them to streamlines processes.


Lanyards can provide a quick and easy way to identify staff and students in a school, and employees within an organization. Also, they can also be handed out to visitors, so others know that an individual has the authority to enter an area. This can help increase security and allow a guard or police officer to identify a potential threat before an issue occurs. Enhance security and visibility by issuing an ID card and lanyard to all staff or students.

Quick Access

Many companies are choosing to do away with standard keys, and utilize electronic access cards. This prevents the need of re-keying facilities in the future and can provide individuals with limited access and increase security without drastically increasing expenses. By placing a key card of this nature in a lanyard, staff can gain quick access to secure areas without having to waste time searching through a purse or work bag.

Fundraising and Branding

Education facilities can use lanyards for fundraising purposes, and many businesses can utilize them for branding. By incorporating a mascot or school slogan, a school can sell the lanyards at sporting events and use them to bring in additional funds for various programs. Business can have their logo printed on lanyards and then pass them out to attendees at large fairs to help build brand awareness and increase their exposure.

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