This Could Not Have Been Designed Better

My best friend and I wanted to look at Asheville apartments and see if there is one that we would be able to get together. Even though we are best friends, we knew that we would have to have the right apartment for us to be able to live peacefully together. We don’t fight or anything like that, but we can get on each other’s nerves if we have too much time together. That is the reason we knew we would be able to make this work because we already knew our shortcomings and could work with them.

It did not take very long to find the apartment that we both really like and actually live in now. There were not a lot of requirements for an apartment other than it have a lot of space and two full bathrooms. The one we found had that and a whole lot more to it. First off, the bathrooms are really nice because they both have garden tubs in them, plus a linen closet for our toiletries and linens. Each room also has an amazingly big closet. I have never had a walk in closet before, so that is probably my favorite part.

There is a washer and dryer, and we have set days where we can do laundry so we don’t run the chance of needing to wash clothes the same day. The kitchen is a dream because it has a large pantry and plenty of cupboard space. It even has a dishwasher built into the island that separates the living room from the kitchen. There is also a huge balcony that runs the entire length of the living and dining room. It is so big that there is the door along with three windows, so it is a really gorgeous view. This place could not have been designed better for the two of us.