The View is What Sold Me

I was not in the market for a new apartment, as I had been living in the same one for nearly three years and never had a problem. When my friend asked me to help her move some things into her new apartment though, I was so surprised at just how nice it was. She told me that when she first started her search for two bedroom apartments for Wichita KS, she was not sure what exactly she wanted at first. She knew that location was important, but she also knew that it had to really wow her in addition to that.

I can see how this apartment complex wowed her when she did her tour of it before becoming a tenant. I hadn’t even taken a tour myself and I was feeling pretty impressed with everything that I saw. She has a really nice view from her balcony, which is where we took a couple of breaks, and it was during one of those breaks that I knew I wanted to learn more about this apartment complex for myself. While I did not have any issues with the complex I was living in, I also was not wowed by it like I am with Twin Lakes.

The first thing I asked at the leasing office was if they had any other available apartments with balconies facing the same way my friend’s balcony faces. It was that view that really moved me to inquire more about moving here myself. I was thrilled when the leasing agent told me that there were two apartments that are available, and I was able to take a tour of both of them that same day. It was not hard to pick the one I wanted, and that started my own process of needing help to move in just a few weeks later.