Need Promotional Items for a Show or Other Event? Think About These Ideas

There is no doubt that using different items to promote a business pays off. The trick is to invest in products that the recipients can put to good use or at least appeal to them on some level. Here are some suggestions that will come in handy for direct mail campaigns, tokens to slip in with the monthly invoices, and fun things to five away at trade shows.

A New Twist on Business Cards

Most of the attention is usually focused on what’s printed on the cards and the weight of paper used. Go one step further and invest in paper that happens to be produced with tiny seeds in the material. Use the same approach for brochures and other printed matter. The goal is to invest in something that can be shredded and used to protect the environment rather than take up more space in landfills. Make it a point to mention that the paper has this quality when talking with potential clients who happen to be environmentally minded. The response is sure to be positive.

Think About a Retro Touch

The trend these days is to always go with Promotional product ideas that are based on the latest technology. While those approaches are always worthy of consideration, consider going in the opposite direction for a change. Think of some of the common giveaway items that were once so common but are rarely seen any longer. For example, the idea of a wooden pen and pencil set doesn’t always come to mind anymore. Think of how a potential client would be pleasantly surprised to receive this type of gift around a holiday or as a show of appreciation for a recent meeting.

Keeping Things Charged

Life without a smartphone is unthinkable for most people, especially those who rely on the phones to keep them connected during office hours. Since most phones will only hold a charge for so long, consider investing in chargers that will accommodate more than one device at a time. Doing so makes it all the easier to ensure those phones and similar devices are always ready to go.

Spend some time evaluating the target audience and identify some interesting promotional items that will make the right impression and keep the company name on their minds. Doing so will pay off in terms of building brand recognition, securing new customers, and increasing revenue.